47 Hours, 3,260 Miles

47 Hours, 3,260 Miles

Like many in a service business, our greatest asset is our people. And 20|20 is a lot of people, spread across the United States. In fact, we have 154 employees, in four main offices, living in 10 different states.  It would take 47 hours, and 3,260 miles, for our two farthest-apart employees to drive to each other’s houses. They’d probably do it, though, if a situation called for it. Because our people are downright likeable.

Likeability is the latest core company value we’re showcasing. To us, it means someone who is kind. Someone who shows genuine interest in their work and their colleagues. Someone who supports their teammates and clients. Someone you simply enjoy being around. 

See our likeability in action.


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