"Doing Good" Is Good Business

Good citizens do good business, but good business is not always about business.

Two years ago, in the spirit of being a good citizen and making a difference in our communities, 20/20 Research began a “Doing Good” initiative in our Nashville, Charlotte and Miami offices. Our folks have turned out to walk for breast cancer, provide clothes to Haitian orphans, socks to the homeless, food to food banks, clothing to families in crisis, support for the Ronald McDonald House and lunch to the homeless, among other things.  I’m extremely proud of our employees.

Now, we are taking “Doing Good” a step further. 20/20 Research is sponsoring The Joseph School, a secondary school for orphans to be built in Haiti.  The school will provide an educational opportunity along with training in leadership and service for 350 orphans when it is built.  As this initiative rolls out, you will hear more about it. We are excited to be involved on the ground floor of this project and hope you will be involved as well.

We invite you to join us as we reach out and focus on “Doing Good” in our communities and around the world.

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