What Decisions Have You Made as a Result of Research?

Jim recently attended a conference where a speaker was touting his support of social media use in the qualitative research industry. The research buyer stated that he and others were backing off of social media.  We blogged about that on QualBlog and received some Twitter attention that was, how should we say…..less than supportive.  So we asked the question, “Can you name one decision that has been made primarily using social media?”  It was so quiet, you could have heard crickets.

Like I wrote in a blog post last August, one of the biggest challenges in our industry deals with how to best demonstrate return-on-investment to clients. We all know it doesn’t matter how much high-quality research you perform if you can’t prove the worth, but this pressure often ends up producing a large amount of (sometimes unnecessary) charts, graphs and presentations that jumble the true substance of our findings.

To find ROI that really shows value to the client, Brett Hagins, a senior partner of Research Innovation and ROI, encourages researchers to step back and search for the bigger changes that their research may have inspired. He says asking the simple question, “What was the biggest decision that research
influenced for you this year?” begins to document the impact of research on the business, which is ultimately the biggest marker of success.

What decisions have you or your clients made as a result of research in 2011?

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