Predictions Point to Future for Online Qualitative, DIY Research

Research Rockstar’s Kathryn Korstoff launched a crowd-sourcing project late last year about predictions for market research in 2011. She created an MR Predictions site and invited readers to add their predictions, which she then opened up for voting. Thirty-five predictions and more than 700 votes later, the results are in. Here are the top 5 predictions and a few thoughts on them:

1. Combined and alternative modes of collection actually see traction. Read: Hybrid research is becoming increasingly popular and easier to do. As Kathryn says, “By combining different methods, we can maximize research’s effectiveness by overcoming the challenges that any single mode of research has.”

2. Market research reports will move online. We’d also add to that “And, thanks to online research software, become more interactive and multi-media.”

3. Panel demand increasingly driven by client-side organizations. Folks are predicting a shift to DIY and in-house research.

4. Research will be increasingly “always on” to allow fast response. The future will be less about limited snapshots and more about continuous feedback.

5. In-house research to expand dramatically. This goes back to a trend in DIY research. Whether it’s a good idea depends on a lot of things.

So what does this list tell us about the future of market research? Maybe nothing, but I’m definitely seeing two common threads — online qual and DIY research. What do you think? Anyone have other thoughts about the report?

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