Lessons My iPad Taught Me

I’m on vacation and learning to use my new iPad 2. My typing is slow and I make a lot of mistakes. I often wish I had a keyboard but that would defeat the purpose of this “mobile” device. If I don’t throw it into the ocean, I think I’m going to like it.

In addition to being mobile, my iPad is incredibly personal. I put the apps on it that I want. Some are work-related, many are not. It bridges my work and personal life so that neither is ever far away. After all, I’m writing a “work blog” while on vacation.

My guess is that my iPad2 is simply a bridge product itself. As a product it is neither a phone nor a computer. But it has tapped into something several fundamental changes that have significant implications for researchers.

1. People don’t compartmentalize their lives any more. The lines between work and play are blurred.
2. People want customization. It truly is all about me, not my generation or peer group.
3. People want to be constantly connected. Take away their wireless signals and watch ’em squirm!

If I think about it much more, I could come up with more. However, I’m on vacation.

My iPad is a good teacher. What are your toys teaching you?

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