A handful of ideas for online communities in '09

FreshNetworks.com is a blog on using online communities.  This article highlights 5 research ideas for online communities.  I’ve included the bullets here.  For the full article click on the headline below to link to the full article.


Five ways to use an online research community in 2009

It’s almost Christmas, and for  the penultimate in our Five things to do in 2009 series, I wanted to focus on one specific use brands can make of social media: online research communities. Of the communities we build and manage at FreshNetworks, many are specifically built for research. Even those that are not usually end up offering valuable insight into what consumers think. This insight is something every brand can benefit from, so today here are Five ways to use an online research community in 2009.

1. Get customers involved in your business

2. Innovate with your customers

3. Find out how your customers interact

4. Learn the language your customers use

5. Find answers to questions you didn’t even know to ask


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