QualLink Helps Make Error-Ridden Process Foolproof

Inexperience with hybrid research wasn’t the issue for Susan Saurage-Altenloh when she came to us earlier this summer with a problem. She had been combining quantitative and qualitative research for decades. Her problem had to do with logistics. Specifically, what do you do when 2,500 members of a large employees’ credit union opt in to do a follow-on bulletin board focus group but you need only 30 participants?

The answer: QualLink, our patent-pending system that allows seamless integration of a quantitative survey and a qualitative bulletin board.

Before trying out QualLink, Saurage-Altenloh and her staff at Saurage Research were going to tackle the opt-ins manually, which would have opened the door to error. But making mistakes wasn’t really an option: “We had to be very careful about the way we treated them, because we were talking about someone’s valued customers, and their brand was associated with this,” she says. “That’s a problem with sorting through respondents manually–it’s not foolproof.”
But Saurage-Altenloh knew QualLink would be. “We have a lot of confidence in 20|20 Research,” she says. “You never have to worry about something going wrong. There are no glitches. Everything always runs the way it’s supposed to–all the time.”

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