New Case Study Demonstrates Power of Mobile Qualitative Research for Events

We’ve posted a new case study over at that we encourage you to check out — especially if you need to find a better way to conduct event research. We recently helped Greg Fuson, director of research at the Country Music Association, gather all sorts of good qualitative insights about the four-day CMA Music Festival. It’s the ultimate in country music fan experiences, and Greg wanted to know exactly what attendees thought about it and what they liked most about it so they could make next year’s event even better.

The challenge, of course, was engaging fans who are decidedly not there to offer their qualitative insights — they’re there for the country music! That’s the problem he brought to us. Our solution? Mobile qualitative research using our mobile platform QualAnywhere.

The results? We encourage you to read the full case study, but we loved hearing from Greg that participants were so engaged that they were texting him back asking for more questions. Ahhh, makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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