Mobile Qualitative Research: What You Missed at MRMW

Were you at the Market Research in the Mobile World conference (MRMW) earlier this month? We were, and we brought home some great insight on the state of mobile qualitative research. But even if you weren’t, you’re in luck: Betsy Leichliter of Leichliter Associates has posted a round-up of her “must-attend” sessions. And by “must-attend,” we mean the ones she thinks you should download once they’re available later this week at Here are the six she tags as “ignore at your own risk”:

• Using mobile qualitatively to transform insight generation
• Web technologies for mobile engagement: navigating the entry points for engaging on-the-go customers
• Brand Management during a crisis: leveraging insights for instant course correction
• Using Social Media for market research and new product development: the case of Hallmark
• The new era of expressive research: using technology for cultivating insights
• Mobile vs. online: modality considerations for data quality

Were you at the conference? What would you add to her list?

Betsy notes that almost all of the conference sessions will be available on—some even in video form—later this week. Many of them already are posted at SlideShare, although they can be a little hard to follow in this format. But with mobile chomping at the bit as market research’s next big thing, we think they’re worth taking the time to review.

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