Using Online Qualitative to Connect With Physicians

Physicians are notoriously difficult to recruit and interview, which makes sense. Like CEOs, they’re a busy bunch. But they’re also an important bunch. So what do you do to reach this key group? As Jim Bryson explains in the September 2010 issue of MRA Alert! Magazine, use online qualitative tools. Online research software offers several benefits over in-person focus groups and IDIs, including:

• A wider geographical reach: Online is not location specific, so you don’t have to worry if your three regular doctors can come to your Miami focus group facility, for example.

• Good for hectic schedules: How many doctors do you know with 90 minutes in the middle of their day for an IDI? Besides those three who show up at your Miami focus group facility time after time? Not many. Online qualitative research, on the other hand, is available whenever the physician is–3 a.m., even.

The article details two ways to connect with physicians online — through a webcam focus group and a bulletin board focus group. The complete article is posted on our website (click to read), or can be downloaded as a PDF (click to download).

Photo credit: Rosmary
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