Online Quantitative and Online Qualitative Research, aka "Hybrid"

There’s been a lot of buzz recently as researchers begin to understand more ways to create “hybrid” research with new methods that combine online quantitative and online qualitative research.  iModerate recently conducted research among “hybrid practitioners” .  Some of the key findings were:

“Hybrid” definition is muddled.  In this survey of self-described “hybrid users” about half defined “hybrid” research as some combination of quantitative and qualitative research.  About 4 in 10 described it as a mix of data collection methods (phone, online, face-to-face, etc.).  As a research term, “hybrid” has yet to develop a common understanding.

“Hybrid” methods deliver more comprehensive insight.  65% of study participants noted that “studies combining qualitative and quantitative approaches
concurrently can yield more than a single-mode study on its own.”  A secondary motivation was the potential time and cost efficiencies available with hybrid approaches.

“Hybrid” best when understanding is crucial.  Researchers value hybrid research when testing ideas such as concepts or advertising.  For these types of studies, statistics alone are simply not insightful enough. 

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