Real-World Ways to Use Online Journaling

The beauty of online journaling is the ability to follow a participant’s interactions, thoughts and feelings over a period of time. There are many, many uses, including these unique ones that some of our clients have used with QualJournal, our easy-to-use, flexible and cost-effective online journaling platform.

Product Testing: One client, a diaper company, used online journaling to compare the day-to-day use of two different products. One week, moms were asked to journal their experience using one diaper; the next week, they switched to the different diaper. What the client got was rich feedback, including images showing how the diapers stood up to wear.

Exploratory: In one QualJournal project, participants were asked to keep a ‘sports journal’ split into four categories: watching, listening, reading and talking. Anytime the participant did any of these things related to sports, they would journal about it. In a sense, this method was a “spot ethnography” — an ethnography related to a particular subject at different times.

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