Online Qualitative Research...Fast

20/20 Research recently announced a new tool called QualLink (patent pending) that is a major advancement toward seamless integration for quantitative and online qualitative research. 

QualLink acts as a data conduit to transfer a respondent’s survey responses directly to their QualBoard profile.  When the survey respondent opts in to the bulletin board focus group, their survey and demographic data is already there so the moderator can probe and segment during the qualitative phase without further screening.

There are several benefits that we will investigate.  A major advancement is the speed at which follow-up online qualitative research can now be conducted.  Because most online quantitative responses come in the first 24 hours of a study, the online qualitative respondents can be chosen from this initial sample.  Then the follow-up QualBoard can be conducted and finished before the online quantitative survey is completed.  No more waiting for a tedious recruiting process to conduct follow-up online qualitative research.

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