Online Qualitative Removes Global Research Barriers

Even if it’s just a study comparing consumers in the United States to consumers in France, global research can be an expensive, exhausting undertaking, not to mention a logistical challenge, for researchers and their clients. You need the passport, the plane tickets, the moderator who’s fluent in the language, and the list goes on.

Unless, of course, you’re doing online qualitative research.

With online research software like the bulletin board focus group, reaching participants around the world doesn’t require any of those things–good-bye, travel budget! In fact, online qualitative research can actually enhance your research results–hello, happier clients!

We talked to Betsy Hoag and Katerina Makatouni of Kairos Consumers, a Chicago-based research firm specializing in global consumer and B2B research, to better understand some of the benefits of conducting global research using online research software.

Cost: They explain that with in-person focus groups, the cost of the project depends on the region or country. But that’s not the case with online: “Whether they’re all in the same focus group or different groups, the price tag is the same across all groups–not to mention much lower,” Hoag says.

Consistency: Because a bulletin board focus group is asynchronous, you can run multiple ones at the same time–which means you can use the same moderator.

Richer results: Hoag and Makatouni suggest staggering country-specific groups by a few hours. That way you have time to review the conversations in one group and use them to probe participants in another. “You can already see where the conversations are going and use that information in other boards,” Hoag says.

Hoag and Makatouni will be presenting the 20|20 Research webinar “Jumping Feet-First Into Online Qualitative: How to Take Your First Project From Vision to Execution in Less Than 30 Days” on Friday, Oct. 1 at noon EST. Seating is limited to the first 150 registrants, so register today.

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