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Looking for an easier, more insightful way to get real-time feedback while participants are experiencing a brand? The answer is in your pocket. No, not your keys…your mobile phone. That’s right, your mobile phone is one of the best ways to gather authentic, “in the moment” feedback.

While mobile surveys have been around for close to a decade, mobile qualitative research has only recently become a viable research tool—and it continues to grow in popularity.

Whether you’re considering your first mobile qualitative research project or consider yourself a pro, you’ll want to download the newest eBook from 20|20 Technology — The Essential Guide to Mobile Qualitative Research. The tips and tricks in this eBook were developed for research agencies, independent moderators, as well as client-side researchers.

Specific topics include:

• An introduction to mobile qualitative research
• Using mobile qualitative research at events
• Behavior tracking on the go
• Mobile qualitative research and shop-alongs
• Using mobile to connect with difficult-to-reach participants

This eBook is the second in a series designed to help you better utilize today’s online qualitative research tools. The first in the series, How to Save Time and Money on Your Qualitative Research Projects: Using online research software for 5 popular methodologies, is still available for download at

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