3 Tips for Keeping Clients Engaged in a Bulletin Board Focus Group

When conducting a bulletin board focus group, engaging participants is a breeze compared to engaging clients.  This week a researcher asked us what strategies we had developed for engaging clients in a bulletin board focus group.

We came up with three ideas off the top of our heads:

  1. Send teaser highlight reports of provocative respondent posts.
  2. Schedule daily conference calls to discuss the boards and if any change in direction is needed.
  3. Design the discussion guide to require client input by leaving it blank on the last day “to be filled in with additional questions raised in the discussion.”

We hear from a lot of researchers who really don’t want their clients engaged. Some researchers are of the opinion that engaged clients tend to muck up the works. However, if you are a researcher (or client) who wants clients engaged, do you have additional tips, tricks or techniques to share?

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