20|20 Launches the First Phase of QualBoard Version 4.0

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the first phase of QualBoard version 4.0.

QualBoard is one of 20|20’s flagship solutions, and our team has been working non-stop over the last 18 months to reinvent it, using what we’ve learned about conducting digital research since launching the first version of the platform nearly two decades ago. Our focus is on the user experience – for both researchers and respondents alike. We wanted it to be easy for you to build and analyze your projects and easy for your participants to provide rich and engaging feedback.  With this in mind, QualBoard 4.0 will feature a better structure for designing and connecting the learnings across projects, improved media management and in-platform video editing, built-in text analytics to jumpstart reporting and so much more.

Today, we’ve officially rolled out the first set of capabilities in the upgraded platform – a comprehensive tool for digital ethnographies, including diaries, journals and other individual activities. With a mobile-first design and streamlined interface, as well as expanded question types and enhanced logic, you can capture even more detailed and authentic insights from your respondents in the moment. Check out our press release to learn more about what’s new.