Survey Intercepts

Survey Intercepts

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Survey Intercepts

Survey Intercepts deliver in-the-moment, authentic insights without requiring a traditional recruiting method. Our solutions go to where your consumer is—whether they’re on social media or a website or in a survey—and route them to a discussion or interview to gather further information.

Virtual Intercepts

Using the QualMeeting platform, you can intercept respondents online from social media or surveys and route them into a one-on-one interview. Gain faster insights in the moment without the lag time of traditional recruiting. Put a face to your consumers and understand the “why” behind the “what.”

Talk to participants in 10 different states without leaving your office, reducing costs and time you would spend on travel and logistics.

Do a quick “temperature check” on a concept before moving to the next development phase.

Conduct longitudinal studies with interviews spread over weeks or months.

Use interview video clips to accompany quantitative reports and make a vivid impression.


Our QualLink technology facilitates the seamless integration of quantitative and qualitative research, routing your qualified survey participants to a rich online discussion. Simply identify qualifying criteria in your survey, and QualLink pushes selected participants directly into a moderated QualBoard® discussion.

Route qualified participants to an online discussion for greater depth. Seamlessly integrate qualitative insights into your quantitative research.

Enhance your reporting by easily integrating the data collected in your survey to enrich your qualitative discussion.

Utilize group tagging capabilities for easy segmentation.

Uncover insights without having to use the traditional recruiting method. Identify the right participants in your survey and easily route them to QualBoard.

Enrich Your Discussion with Survey Intercepts

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