Insights Association 32nd Annual Joint Event: Recap Part 1

Insights Association 32nd Annual Joint Event: Recap Part 1

The Insights Association’s Southern California, Southwest, Southeast and Northwest chapters recently held their 32nd annual joint chapter conference in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace.

Given the location and the content focus, this year’s event was cleverly titled “Gladiators of Insights.” What I love about the way the Insights Association organizes events is the true emphasis on learning. The day-to-day chaos inside our own businesses always eats up time we might carve out to think and strategize. The chance to sit down and really listen to smart people discussing interesting things is a rare treat, and something the Insights Association facilitates beautifully.

So of course, the big question, what did I learn from Gladiators of Insights? Too much for one just one post, so I’ll start with a summary of some of my learnings and key takeaways from a few of the sessions.


Amplify Your Thought Leadership: Practical Tips to be Seen as an Expert in Your Field

Priscilla, an energetic and hilarious CEO, presented her knowledgeable take on how to be perceived as an expert in your field.  It’s probable many of us actually are, but being seen as such is just as important.  Priscilla broke down her philosophy into three clear buckets:

  • Strategy before tactics
  • Marketing is cumulative – it takes time to be correct
  • Begin today

In addition to helpful tips on how to generate, review and share content, Priscilla offered strategies to get the absolute most out of content you create.  First, don’t write content before you know your audience.  Ask strategic questions to learn who you’re trying to reach, and then create accordingly.  Record and transcribe speaking engagements – now you have a blog post as well.  Join disruptor groups on LinkedIn and utilize the technology platforms at your disposal effectively.  And of course, don’t wait. If you’re looking to get more out of effort you’re putting into thought leadership content and marketing, begin today (and naturally she suggested you also call Priscilla!).

The Intriguing Art and Science of LGBTQ Market Research
Thomas Roth and David Paisley, Community Marketing & Insights

CMI has a built remarkable expertise in how to gain insight into the LGBTQ community.  In addition to publishing syndicated studies, they conduct custom research for brands and companies wanting to accurately understand LGBTQ consumers.  Because there are so many segments under the umbrella of LGBTQ, it is critically important for research efforts to ask the right questions when defining demographics like relationship status, gender identity, etc.  Terminology, how questions are asked and which questions are asked is something CMI consults on regularly, and research is better as a result.

Tomorrow: Trends and Strategies – How Organizations Will Make the Future 
Mara Riemer, Brunswick Group

Mara, a fellow director-at-large of the Southwest Chapter of the Insights Association gave a fascinating presentation on how organizations succeed and fail when it comes to preparing for the future.  Mara posed the interesting question “Can people in your organization think ridiculous thoughts?”  With company life spans shrinking and the adoption of technology accelerating at an exponential pace, what are the attributes of companies who are prepared to drive change and embrace the future?  The problem often comes down to organizational culture – those leading change in their fields tend to implement ideas from employees, and make it a priority to explain company strategy.  Future-focused companies committed to driving change often see their employees keen to convince someone they know to work there.  Mara’s presentation was a refreshing, if not alarming, wake-up call for organizations wanting to lead the charge on shaping future trends.

Viewing From Over-The-Top: Recent Trends in the Streaming Generation 
 Jessica Wong, Research Manager for CBS Interactive

Jessica showcased an incredible body of research that helps CBS Interactive stay on top of the state of video streaming, including focused efforts on how consumers find new shows, catch up on missed episodes, the behavior of cord cutters and the reasons consumers subscribe to multiple streaming solutions.  OTT user profiling is a helpful tool as CBS Interactive works to deliver engaging programming in this new age of streaming.


That’s not all I gained from Gladiators of Insights either. Be on the lookout this week as we share more exciting highlights and valuable nuggets of knowledge from the conference.