Writing the Ideal Screener

Writing the Ideal Screener

All great insights stem from the same first step – recruiting the right people. To ensure you engage with the right audience and the highest quality respondents, it is imperative to develop a strong screener.

Whether we recruit from our own panel, a client list, social media, or even a combination of sources, using a strong screener ensures we deliver the ideal participants for your studies.

Here are a few tips and best practices to help you design the ideal screener.

  • Create qualifiers based specifically on your business objectives. Don’t overload the screener with questions that aren’t imperative to the research goals, or you risk ruling out strong candidates and losing the overarching research question.
  • Include questions that evaluate technical capabilities and articulation skills. You can’t uncover actionable insights from even the strongest respondents with communication barriers in your path. For instance, if a study requires webcam, ensure participants are comfortable with using one. If you need long, open-ended responses, develop a question that tests verbal abilities.
  • Ensure your screener is as clear and concise as possible, since it sets the tone for the entire project. The recommended length is less than 10 minutes. After all, you don’t want to exhaust respondents or defer them from the main focus.

If you ever find yourself in a crunch or need a little support, keep in mind that we offer screener development and other research services. Reach out to learn more.