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ARF Show Reveals Trends

I spent two days this week at the ARF Conference hanging around the exhibit halls to learn about new research products, catch up with friends and look for potential partners.  Although I was able to make headway on each of these fronts, the volume and variety was disappointing.  I’m sure the economy impacted the attendance
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All "a-Twitter" about Qual

Twitter is a new phenomenon that seems to be taking the world by storm.  Everyone from gradeschoolers to the President seem to be “twittering.”  Can it be an asset in qualitative research?  I don’t know.  However, the folks at S&R Communications ( penned an appropriately short article on benefits and drawbacks to using Twitter for
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What is the CMO thinking?

Either directly or indirectly, we work for CMOs because they are the ones who set the agenda for the brands, products or services for which we conduct qualitative research.  The following article is interesting because it explores the mind of the CMO, especially in a recession.  The topics on the mind of the CMO are
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Value Propositions: 3-D and 5-P approaches

As qualitative researchers we are often working to uncover the valua proposition or the USP for a particular product or service.  As with many things, I’m always looking for ways to structure my thinking or brainstorming.  Having some type of structure, or knowing the questions to ask, is simply much easier than staring at a
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YouTube for academic-minded quallies

This paper from the Weekly Qualitative Report is specifically produced by academics for academics.  However, if you are interested in finding qualitative material in video format on YouTube, this paper has done the work for you.  The authors searched YouTube for qualitative related videos, reviewed them and provided them in this paper with a synopsis
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The importance of unlearning

At the end of a very good article that defines the ever-elusive “insights” that we seek as qualitative researchers, is an interesting couple of paragraphs related to the importance of “unlearning.”  I’ve copied those paragraphs below and hope they will stimulate your thinking.  To see hte entire article, go to: Kathy Sierra in her
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