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COVID-19 is forcing many to “step into the future,” right now. Will it stick?

Every day we see another article noting the massive amount of behavioral change happening because of COVID-19. And virtually every article ends by wondering which of these behavioral changes will be permanent, and which will fade when the Coronavirus threat finally abates. To us, it’s another example of quantitative data (in this case mass behavioral
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Video Chat Enhancements

With the heavy demand for our technology solutions, the software development team has continued to update our QualBoard 4.0 platform to bring new features and functionality online to make your research easier. The most recent example of their hard work is the updates and improvements to our video chat feature. These enhancements allow you to gain deeper insights and
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Digital Qualitative Security

With many homebound to reduce the spread of Coronavirus, Zoom has become a popular video conferencing tool to keep businesses and communities connected. With this surge in popularity, questions around security and prevention of unwanted guests or “Zoombombing” have started to arise in the news and market research industry. At 20|20, we have security measures
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