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Candy Corn: Trick or Treat?

Around the 20|20 offices, there are a few topics our team debates time and time again. Is pineapple an acceptable pizza topping? Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?  And this time of year, it’s always about candy corn – our team is quite divided on whether the colorful confection is a trick or a treat. Being researchers,
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Two Takeaways from the Insights Association CRC

How can data analytics and primary research play nicely together?  Jim Bryson, President Several presentations at last week’s CRC event focused on the growing role data analytics plays in the decision support function of corporations.  However, in many organizations, the data analytics function has developed separately from the research function, and the two have difficulty
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Make Objectives Matter: The Importance of Setting an ROI Compass for Research

With the wide variety of cutting-edge technology, communication channels, and innovative methodologies more readily available than ever before, market research should be a breeze, right? Unfortunately, however, this often proves to be overwhelming, causing business needs to get lost in the journey, leaving us with research with only loose ties to business objectives at best.
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