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Benefits to Investing in ResearchOps Automation

We’re excited to help MRWeb mark their 21st anniversary with their special feature around online communities. As part of their celebrations, our CEO Isaac Rogers appeared on the HappyMR podcast. The wide-ranging conversation covered everything from cattle ranching to blockchain technology and lean communities to QualBoard. Not to mention a little bit about personal mottos
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Courageously Persistent

Over the last several weeks, we’ve been sharing details about our seven core company values,  which we affectionately call CHILES-G. Today we’ve reached the G, Gritty, which might just be my favorite. The official definition of gritty is “courageously persistent,” which kind of sums it up nicely. For 20|20, it means not backing down from
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Grow with 20|20 Lean Communities

At 20|20, we understand the need for flexibility within your research. With our nimble Lean Community, your panel grows over time, through the research you’re already doing. But how do Lean Communities compare to traditional research communities? Check out how you can grow your research with Lean Communities and how this agile method can improve
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The Power of Giving Back

Today marks the start of one of our favorite traditions here at 20|20 – our annual Service Week.  It started five years ago with our Nashville office sending groups out to volunteer at nonprofits in the community.  From there, it’s grown to include our offices in Charlotte, Miami and Denver, and even some of our
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Lean Communities in Action

Our new solution, Lean Communities, is already yielding great results for clients through its iterative approach. The move from traditional, “disposable” insights projects to digital, integrated community learning has been delivering so much valuable data to our clients that they are able to inform decisions like never before. With a Lean Community, your panel grows
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