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How COVID-19 is Driving a Huge Surge in Smartphone Ethnography

For the last six months, COVID-19 has shut down qual researchers’ ability to get out into people’s homes and capture a powerful, in-person ethnographic perspective on consumer behavior. But innovative insights seekers, brand strategists and product development teams are using smartphone ethnography to regain their ability to look into the worlds of their consumers and
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Examining Your Business Through the Lens of Disruption: Four Easy Steps

At 20|20, many of our clients are either disruptors – leading change and pushing boundaries – or they’re being disrupted – working to uphold the traditional foundations of their business while fending off new-to-the-scene competition. When we realized this trend is industry and brand agnostic, we knew we needed to understand it better….particularly in the
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Guide to Digital Qualitative

Online and mobile qualitative research allow us to gain the rich, deep insights we expect from traditional qualitative, with some added benefits – including the ability to keep your research moving forward during these challenging times. If you are new to digital, or interested in learning the latest methods, we have put together a guide
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COVID-19 is forcing many to “step into the future,” right now. Will it stick?

Every day we see another article noting the massive amount of behavioral change happening because of COVID-19. And virtually every article ends by wondering which of these behavioral changes will be permanent, and which will fade when the Coronavirus threat finally abates. To us, it’s another example of quantitative data (in this case mass behavioral
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