Quick-Turn Research

Quick-Turn Research

Insights in as Little as Five Days
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Quick-Turn Research

These days everything happens fast. Questions crop up that need to be answered yesterday, decisions are made on a dime, and all too often you don’t have time to uncover the consumer stories you need. That’s where our quick-turn solution comes in. This groundbreaking approach combines the best of 20|20’s technology and human intelligence to put meaningful insights into your hands in just days. With Quick, you can make informed decisions that drive revenue, without compromising timelines or tying up valuable resources.

Unique approach provides the answers you need faster, more affordably and with zero hassle.

Impactful, accessible reporting delivers just what you need to make a confident decision.

Turn-key solution unlocks unlimited research potential, immediately.

Quick Quant

Quick Quant leverages our nationwide panel to deliver quality quantitative insight quickly. Topics can range from public opinion on self-driving cars, to millennials’ views of banking, to a quick pulse on national breaking news, with a turnaround time as little as two to three days. Quick Quant is the research tool you need to make data-driven decisions immediately.

Quick Qual

Ideally suited for testing of concepts, advertising, messaging, packaging and more, this approach provides streamlined insights without sacrificing accuracy and relevance. Quick Qual combines the power of our proprietary cognitive framework, advanced technology platforms, a team of experienced analysts and our own nationwide panel to deliver quality context in as little as five days, allowing you to move business forward faster.

Quick Combo

When you need both qualitative and quantitative results in days, not weeks, our Quick Combo solution delivers data and context in one complete package.  This unique approach develops the bigger picture and provides clear, concise answers to the business questions, with zero hassle.

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