Research Industry on the Rebound?

The research industry appears to have hit bottom in the 2nd quarter and may be on the rebound.  The Marketing Research Association (MRA) has released their Research Industry Index (RII) for the second quarter.

The composite index is up slightly to 86 from 84 in the first quarter but still down from 94 in the first quarter of 2008.  The survey is based on a composite score from 211 research respondents.  The research showed a slight uptick in companies reporting increases in booked revenue, proposals and operating margins.Staffing levels remained flat.

This study also focused on the use of online methodologies.  For qualitative, these respondents reported 14% of their qual projects are online.  The report did not provide a definition of an “online project.” 

Of all research respondents (qual and quant), 35% have not moved online while 25% said they moved online several years ago and 40% said they moved online recently.  Those moving recently were most likely to cite cost and time savings as their primary reasons for doing so.  They were most likely to cite sample bias as their most serious concern.

In all, a good report.  Lets hope the third quarter shows a significant and long-lasting rebound.

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