Mobile Market Research Association is born

On Wednesday, January 18, Mark Michaelson stood up at the Qual360 Conference in Milan and announced that this was the birthday of the Mobile Marketing Research Association (MMRA).  It was the first day for the association and the group was now accepting Charter Members.

Hats off to Mark and his enthusiasm for mobile.  There is no doubt that “mobile” is hot in our industry and that the promise for conducting research using smart phones is immense.  Mark is a friend whom I have known for about 15 years as a researcher who is a serial entrepreneur at heart (a very rare combo).  He started the Mystery Shoppers Providers Association.  Now he turns his attention to mobile.  Cheers Mark.  I wish you tremendous success in this new industry venture.

Will this new association be successful?  I don’t know.  Does the industry need to add MMRA to the alphabet soup of existing organizations?  It doesn’t seem like it.  However, one must admit that mobile research has challenges and opportunities that are unique.  Existing industry organizations are not known for addressing new challenges in a fast and thorough manner.

My prediction:  Mobile methods will benefit from an advocacy group focused on promoting the method and solving the legal, technical, ethical and regulatory problems of mobile research.  MMRA will thrive on the enthusiasm and hard work of its core advocates and the dreams of us all for the mobile methodology.  Within 10 years, mobile will be mainstream and MMRA will have served its purpose and will become a division of one if its bigger association cousins.

I applaud Mark and his colleagues for their initiative and vision.  Happy Birthday MMRA and may we all benefit from your arrival.

On the final day of the Milan qualitative conference, Siamack Salari interviewed Mark Michelson about MMRA.  See the youtube version here

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