Market Research Industry Shown Growing Again

People have been telling us that business is pretty good everywhere. At 20/20 Research, we concur. We have seen increases across the board and a virtual explosion in our online qualitative research software business. Today, I read “confirmation’ of all the anecdotal evidence.

Research Business Report quotes RONIN President and CEO Harry Bunn that there is “a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.” Their industry survey showed the number of market research firms negatively impacted by the recession down to 43% from 49% in September.  That is still a pretty high number, but things are looking up. Kantar Media reports that ad spending was up 5.1% in Q1, the first increase in 2 years.

Lets hope all this talk of a double dip recession is just that, talk. Here’s to a steep growth curve for all of us.

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