20|20 Research Celebrates 25 Years; Has It Really Been 25 Years?

Twenty-five years ago today, 20|20 Research was born. Two of us started in an 8×10 office. Our desk consisted of two two-drawer file cabinets with a piece of plywood across the top, on which we placed our one IBM PC with a whopping 10 MB hard drive and a green screen. We had three metal folding chairs, one for me, one for guests and one for the Okidata dot matrix printer. It made quite a racket in that metal chair. We were two young guys with little more than a dream to build a qualitative research firm and the willingness to give it a go.

Over the years, we have flirted with disaster several times. Making payroll was not always a sure thing. I remember on several ocassions waiting on the mailman on payday hoping that he will bring enough for payroll. He always did.

It’s hard for me to believe that we now have three facilities operating 11 focus group rooms plus an online qualitative research business that is considered a leader in the industry and doing work in 45 countries.

As with all organizations, the key to survival and success is people, and 20|20 has been blessed with the very best. They are amazingly hard-working, dedicated and caring. We still have at least five employees with more than 20 years with 20|20.

To all of the 20|20 employees over the past 25 years: Thank you for taking such great care of our clients, building deep friendships with one another and making 20|20 Research a great company and a great company to work for.

Each 20|20 office is celebrating our 25th Anniversary from 4-7 p.m. on September 30. You are invited. Please RSVP to Melanie at 615-777-2020.

  1. I enjoyed reading this Jim.  It was a pleasure to have worked for you … many moons ago 🙂

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