QualBoard 4.0: One Year Later

QualBoard 4.0: One Year Later

It was around this time last year we announced that QualBoard 4.0 was publicly available, and what a year it has been! With the platform, we wanted to deliver a new and improved insights experience for you and provide ultimate flexibility. While we were proud of the product we had then, we knew there was so much more to uncover. Some things were well thought out with months of planning and others were from clients kicking in the door, Kramer style, and saying, “I have an idea!”.

Over the last year we made numerous releases, including:

  • Insights. We know some researchers like to sit on their back porch with a bottle of wine and highlight key findings as they emerge, but with our insights we hoped to free up more time for wine (or tea) that is free from work. We’ve made it simple for you and your team to make notes within the platform as you are moderating or just following along. You also can group responses with our insight tags and even use the insights feature to easily clip media for your reporting.
  • New question types. We said we wanted QualBoard to be flexible, so we put it through some stretches and added a couple of new question types over the last year. With our drag and drop ranking and media multiple choice question types, we’ve expanded the ways you can design your research, enabling you to get the results in the format that you need.
  • Quick Poll event type. I said we were stretching QualBoard to be more flexible, right? We now have four event types available within the platform. With Quick Poll, you have the ability to keep users engaged with a built-in, lightweight survey tool that takes advantage of all of the same question types as our other events.
  • Custom branding. We also want your research to stand out for you and your clients, so we’ve added a few different ways of branding your project and event. Whether it is white-labeling your entire account or adding an image to reflect your research topic, we’re here to help customize your project to fit your needs.
  • QualLink. What’s that? You need a quick turnaround on a recruit that has you pulling your hair out? Let’s talk about QualLink! Our flexible API allows you to pass respondents directly out of your pre-screener or quantitative survey into QualBoard so that they can begin participating in research immediately.
  • Video chat screen sharing. Sometimes you want to observe what your participant sees as they see it.. Now with our video chat, we’ve simplified the process of allowing a respondent to share their screen while in their browser – no complicated download process involved. Instead a user can log in on their desktop using Chrome or Firefox and share their screen straight from the browser.
  • Increased automation. It feels like we all have more demands on our time and less time to do it. That’s why we continue to push QualBoard to leverage automation to help you get the most out of your time. We’ve added searchable machine transcription to all of your participant uploaded videos and video chats. All done at no additional cost. Pretty sweet deal, right? But wait, there’s more! We’ve also added automated participation reports. This allows you to brief your clients and recruiters without having to generate a new report and send an email every morning. Do these things change the world? No. But we hope they make your day a little easier and help you to do better research.

So that is a high-level view of some of the major improvements we’ve brought to QualBoard over the last year. The good news? We’re still striving to make it better every day. Coming soon we will bring you:

  • Our QualLaborate Mark-Up Tool
  • Even better capabilities to add Insights
  • Additional languages
  • A more robust video chat
  • More ways to view and organize your data for reporting in the platform

Have questions? Want to talk about your vision for QualBoard? I’d love to chat. Feel free to reach out to me directly or [email protected]