Multiple Research Objectives. One Platform.

Multiple Research Objectives. One Platform.

Over the past several months, we’ve been working hard to expand your ability to conduct qualitative research online.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the latest enhancements to QualBoard and particularly the Video Chat event type.  When you combine Video Chats with Group Discussions, Diaries or Quick Polls, you can seamlessly blend both asynchronous and real-time research approaches within a single project and platform.

Tech Checks 

Video Chat tech checks ensure that participants webcam and video work before the live session, minimizing the risk of technical difficulties and allowing you to focus more fully on your research.

MP3 Media Share 

We have added the capability to share any MP3 file during a live Video Chat, giving you the flexibility to share media concepts. MP3 media share joins website, photo, and video share on Video Chat events.

Dial-In Audio Option

The expanded audio options for Video Chat allow moderators, participants, and observers to choose between computer and phone audio for enhanced ease of use.

Customized View 

With our customized layout capabilities, any user can choose their preferred view when participating in a QualBoard Video Chat. Using this new enhancement, you can show just the active speaker or the whole group to best fit your needs.