QualBoard Product Updates

QualBoard 4.0

20|20 Research has launched the first phase of QualBoard version 4.0. With the new version, QualBoard has been redesigned from the ground-up to deliver a better insights experience for both researchers and respondents. The first set of capabilities available is a comprehensive tool for ethnographies, diaries and journals. Click here  to learn more about the features of these individual activities in QualBoard 4.0, including the updated and fully responsive interface, expanded question types, enhanced logic, and built-in analytics.

Question Reference Box

Moderators and observers will now see a question reference box that appears when scrolling past a question. This new feature makes it easier to keep track of where you are in the board as you review and respond to participant posts; the reference box only displays until the next question becomes visible. This option is a configurable setting that can be easily enabled or disabled from by selecting My Profile.

Additional Reporting on Respondent Completion

We’ve added a new report to show the percentage of completion by assigned group tags.  Now you can see the number of participants for each of your identified segments by the level of completion (<70%, 70-79%, 80-89%, 90-99% and 100%). This information can help you ensure you have the data needed for accurate analysis. You can find this report in the project user area under the groups tab.

QualLaborate Enhancements

The QualLaborate concept evaluation and mark-up tool has been enhanced for greater usability.  We’ve added a new feature that allows participants to undo their last mark, giving them the ability to adjust if they enter incomplete feedback or comments in error.  Additionally, moderators have the ability to remove marks as well, which helps ensure a cleaner output for reporting and other deliverables. Contact our team to learn more about these enhancements and how QualLaborate can work in your next QualBoard discussion.

Attachments for Text Response Questions

QualBoard® just keeps getting better for you and your respondents! Our latest enhancement allows participants to upload a file attachment to a text response question.  The platform supports a variety of common file formats, including documents, presentations, and spreadsheets, giving you greater flexibility and richer insights.  You can have participants upload a homework assignment, chart their activities, build a timeline, and much more.  Contact our team today to find out more about this new feature.

Color-Coded Group Tags

We’ve added another great enhancement to QualBoard® to improve usability for you. Group tags can now be color coded, making it easier than ever for you to visually identify and follow respondents that fall into a particular segment. You can enable this feature by simply selecting the tag color option from the groups and tags section.  Have questions about how to best use this? Just ask a member of our team.


Question Merging

Have you ever wanted to analyze a series of questions together? With question merging, our latest enhancement to QualBoard®, now you can.

This convenient feature lets you take responses to both a root question and supporting questions and combine them into a single transcript or report for easier analysis.  It’s not even limited to a single board – as long as the questions are the same type (for example, all text responses or all multiple choice) you can merge related questions across projects.  To get started, simply select the question merging button from the transcript view.

We think this enhancement will open up a world of possibilities for you.  Just imagine looking at a theme from a past project and comparing it to a current one. Or running boards across multiple markets and synthesizing the results. Or even creating concept rotations and merging each exposure group’s answers into a single report.

Mobile Moderating

QualBoard® Mobile is not just for participants anymore.  Moderators can now take advantage of the free mobile app to monitor project responses on the go. With QualBoard® Mobile, you’ll have the option to view and filter the most recent posts as well as respond with a standard or private probe.


Enhanced Crosstab

The crosstab report has been updated with several key improvements, giving you access to more data for easier analysis. First, the Excel file now include images from media responses, and you can see probes and follow-up responses as part of the report too.  Plus, the report has been upgraded to the latest version of Excel, which provides the ability to support more content.


Automated Participant Reminders

Keep your respondents engaged and coming back to the discussion by scheduling emails to the participants based on performance triggers or at designated times. This enhancement is ideal for sending a reminder of tasks to be completed prior to project start, sending a last call for comments prior to project close, sharing a final thank you and incentive details when it’s complete, and more. Messages can be selected, customized, and managed within the QualBoard® message center for each project.