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QualBoard® can be summed up easily: a simpler way to gain insight into participants anywhere in the world. Use it for digital discussions that help trigger action and change behaviors.

The most fully featured research discussion platform in the world. Delivers up to five times the depth of other qualitative research methods.

Flexibility of the digital platform is ideal for large groups, geographically dispersed population or harder-to-reach audiences.

Choose from a variety of question types and activities to customize the structure of your discussion and unlock the best insights.

Streamline your analysis with full transcripts, participant segmentation and optional advanced reporting features.

Dedicated account management, live training sessions, 24/7 technical support and experienced project management for peace of mind.

Access to over 600,000 qualified participants and high-touch recruiting that offers a personal approach to ensure the best respondents.

Used on its own or paired with 20|20 Research’s complementary products, QualBoard is ideal for a variety of research needs.

Pairs Well with QualBoard

QualBoard® Mobile

The world’s most advanced research platform is even more accessible. A companion mobile research app enhances video or photo assignments, self-guided shop-a-long activities, and more. It features voice text and geolocation data capture for richer insights, and it’s free for download on iPhone and Android.


QualLink immediately transfers participants who meet your criteria into a moderated online qualitative discussion board. This saves valuable time typically needed to find a recruit and allows you to move straight into capturing your next level of insights. It’s the first technology that seamlessly integrates quant and qual. Learn more on our Survey Intercepts page.


QualTranslate makes it easy to conduct international studies. Our state-of-the-art translation service integrates into QualBoard and supports over 30 languages with real-time translation. You can also request human-assisted translation for all or part of your project. This product is part of our International Services offerings.

QualBoard increased participation beyond our expectations, both in terms of recruiting our target sample and the level of engagement.

Mangen Research Associates

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