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Our Expertise

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20|20 serves over 4,000 clients around the globe, including more than one-third of the Fortune 500. Our dedicated insights team is 25+ members strong, and we’ve uncovered consumer stories for everything from laundry detergent, pasta sauce, and appliances to streaming media, transportation, and e-commerce, with projects ranging from simple concept tests to complex, multi-phase consumer journeys.

No matter the client, industry or approach, we use our resources to your advantage. With our unmatched combination of strategic expertise and tools, 20|20 is unique in our ability to clear a path to your consumer and uncover the contagious stories that help you drive positive change for your customers and better results for your brand.


Deeper Insights
Our proprietary cognitive framework, ThoughtPath, serves as the guide for our approaches. We know what people think because we know how they think. ThoughtPath draws upon experience, identity and perception theory. It’s our key to asking smarter, more engaging questions and the lens we use to analyze the voice of the customer and find the consumer stories that are otherwise out of reach.


Faster, Easier Processes
Our vertically integrated structure, ClearPath, lets us deliver faster and easier. Because we have all the resources under one roof – from proprietary digital tools, to dedicated respondent audiences and integrated research teams – we can customize an approach to your needs, react quickly to new information, and deliver on your timelines.

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