Innovation in MR: 2019 GRIT Report

Innovation in MR: 2019 GRIT Report

The annual GRIT Report was just released, and we’re honored to see 20|20 again listed as one of the most innovative firms in research.  I’m proud of our team, proud that the industry recognizes the hard work we do to continually push the envelope with our vast array of products, technologies, and research services.

Over the years, I’ve been asked by many people “how does 20|20 continually invest in innovation and what drives you to do it?”  I think some people might assume there’s a bit of magic to it, some mad-scientist lab that spews out new ideas.

In fact, it’s pretty simple.

  1. We listen. A lot.  I personally talk to hundreds of clients a year about their experiences and what they need from their research partners.  Across our various teams, we combine what we’re hearing “on the ground” with our innovation investments.  Clients probably drive 95% of every “innovative idea” we’ve ever had.
  2. We fail. And we keep moving. Not every innovative idea turns out to be a good one. Mistakes are made, we try to realize them quickly, move on, and not dwell on them.
  3. We love this stuff. We love insights. That passion to figure out new ways to access customer stories, or new ways to relate findings to our clients, helps drive us to always look to the future.

On behalf of the entire staff of 20|20, I thank you for recognizing 20|20 for the innovation we strive to bring to market every day.