Full-Service Insights

Full-Service Insights

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Full-Service Insights

Smarter, faster, easier – our mantra when it comes to serving as your insights partner. Using our powerful array of in-house resources, our experienced team clears a direct path to your consumer and delivers actionable information that helps you grow.

Where We Work

Creative & Messaging

Messaging matters.  Developing the right creative is a bit art, a bit science and a lot of investment. The best communication is simple, accessible and distinct.  That’s where we come in.  20|20 works with our clients to ensure the voice of their consumer is present in winning campaigns. You bring the creative, we’ll deliver clarity and confidence.

Consumer Journeys

From quick trips to the store to epic vacations, consumers are always going somewhere. And regardless of their destination, they are making decisions and forming opinions along the way. We help clients understand their customers’ journeys with direct access to points of passion and pain. The result? Clear, accurate maps of what consumers go through and intelligent recommendations on how to capture greater interest and share.

Brand Perception

If perception is reality, inaction isn’t an option. Brands require a thoughtful influx of fresh energy, inspired thinking and game-changing intelligence to lead the market, capture greater share and exceed consumer expectations. 20|20 nurtures lively brand ideas by engaging consumers in dynamic collaborations.

Customer Experience

Customer experience feedback is a constant stream.  20|20 helps our clients make smart sense of the vast and valuable amounts of experience information we solicit, collect and synthesize.  We listen, empathize, adjust and proactively look for trends that keep customer satisfaction high.

Product Innovation

Whether developing the next big thing, or simply optimizing existing offerings, our clients know we’ll connect them to their most impactful idea generators: consumers. We listen, ask, observe and synthesize feedback to achieve the right balance of consumer need and cutting-edge innovation

Customer Feedback

Strong brands meet customers where they are.  20|20 helps make the most of direct and social customer feedback, uncovering the conversation topics, emerging trends and collective opinions that matter most.

How We Work

We’ve spent 30+ years perfecting research tools and services that let your business objectives determine our approach, not the other way around.

Qualitative Listening

Using one-on-one chats, discussion boards, webcam interviews or a combination of these tools, our expertly designed and executed engagements explore the thought processes behind consumer thinking, giving you richer insights and impactful implications for business growth.

Social & Text Analytics

We leverage cutting-edge text analytics and expert analysis to transform volumes of information into intelligence. This approach teases out the larger story, with the critical context and connections you need to boost your brand.

Quick-Turn Research

Immediate combines the best of technology and human intelligence to provide meaningful insights in a matter of days — giving you the answers you need to move forward with confidence, without comprising timelines or resources.

Research means nothing if you can’t put it into action. That’s why our team offers expert design, worry-free execution AND confident results. No matter the approach, we synthesize the data into concise insights and key implications. Our experienced analysts know how to prioritize the information that will have the biggest impact on your business.

Let Our Insights Help You Grow

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