20|20 Facilities: Need more out of in-person research?

20|20 Facilities: Need more out of in-person research?

For more than 30 years 20|20 has been a premier provider of focus group facilities and digital qualitative services. With facilities in Nashville, Charlotte, and Miami, we offer contemporary spaces for in-person research backed by cutting-edge technology, high-touch recruiting and full hospitality services. However, we know that in-person research needs often go beyond the confines of a focus group facility. That’s why we offer much more than simply facility rental in our fieldwork markets.

Here are just a few of the ways 20|20’s experienced team can help when you are considering your next in-person study.

In-Home Ethnographies
With a database of 100k+ across our three markets, extensive knowledge of the cities, and comprehensive recruiting services, 20|20 is well suited to recruit any in-home ethnography study. Our services ensure you’ll have peace of mind while navigating a new city, along with top quality respondents.

Alternative Markets
Conducting research in multiple markets? We’ve got you covered. At 20|20, we can utilize our nationwide database and our strategic facility partners to manage your in-person research across the U.S.

Mock Shopping
We’ve hosted hundreds of in-facility mock shopping and other unique experiences across our locations. Our tenured team understands the detailed requirements of these studies, and we have everything you need for a seamless experience – from the right recruiting, the right spaces, and the right equipment to handle your project needs.

Recruiting Beyond the Facility
Not only can we recruit in-home and to our facility, but we can also recruit to alternative locations such as an office, store, coffee shop, and more.

Usability Labs
Testing a website, software, or app? Observe and evaluate any interactive product at our fieldwork locations. We provide the equipment and expert technician so you can focus on the research.

Want to learn more about our great in-person fieldwork locations or our digital fieldwork solutions? Contact your account manager or just drop us a line at [email protected]