Hybrid Research: Your 4th Quarter Solution

Hybrid Research: Your 4th Quarter Solution

It’s definitely starting to feel like Fall. While the weather here in Nashville is not exactly cooperating, all other indicators are alive and well. Leaves are beginning to drop, school is back in full swing, and pumpkin spice has once again taken over our lives.

This of course also means college football is back, and along with it comes what is now quite a ubiquitous tradition. At the end of the third quarter, you’ll likely see both teams’ players and coaches hold up four fingers, symbolizing it all comes down to the 4th quarter. I can’t help but picture most of the market research industry flashing the same gesture as we all get ready for the 4th quarter.

As you head into this busy season, it’s crucial to be able to work quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly. One of the most overlooked, but easiest ways to ensure you’re hitting all of those nails on the head, is by using hybrid research. Simply put, by mixing methodologies you can present a more holistic picture, while also saving time and costs.

Have a survey set to run next month? Why not add on some qualitative chats to unlock specific call-outs for your deliverables? Hosting a short discussion board? Why not pull out three of your all-star respondents for live video chats? Holding focus groups in a local facility? Why not have your respondents complete a series of short online homework assignments beforehand to better prepare you for deeper insights?

It’s not always necessary to change your entire game plan—but staying agile and taking your project one extra step can sometimes be what truly elevates it to the next level. Cheers to what I hope is a great 4th quarter and strong finish to the year!