Oreo Cookie Throwdown: Which Summer Flavor Dunks the Competition?

Oreo Cookie Throwdown: Which Summer Flavor Dunks the Competition?

20|20 is a stone cold group of research geeks.  When we see a question that needs asking and could benefit from solid qualitative data, we take it upon ourselves to do just that.

So, as summer winds down, we wanted to share the findings of some exhaustive research we undertook to settle a critical question once and for all…which of Oreo’s seasonal flavors reigns supreme?

In this rigorous study of milk’s favorite cookie, we tested nine varieties, ranging from basics like peanut butter creme to the more adventurous fireworks and cherry cola. Respondents (aka our team in Denver) ranked each flavor on a carefully designed five-point emoji scale. Then, because we needed that extra layer of colorful qualitative insight, for each flavor, we asked the question, “If [flavor] was a notable person, loved one or celebrity, who would they be?”

The results? Rocky road rose to the top as a new national treasure, receiving the highest number of heart eyes and smiles, and earning comparisons to the multi-talented Lin-Manuel Miranda.  Meanwhile, cherry cola sank, earning tear and barf emojis from nearly all participants and leaving us questioning the reason for its very existence.

Want to see more about our Oreo Cookie Throwdown?  Check out the full report here.