How Important Are the RIGHT Respondent Incentives?

Sales people get incentives based on sales, and NFL running backs get incentives based on yards gained. One of the difficulties with incentives is to be sure that they encourage the right behavior.

What do incentives get respondents to do? Usually, simply to show up. It’s the moderator’s job to draw them out. This humorous video from SNL takes a look at what can happen if respondent incentives are mis-applied. If you are a qualitative researcher, be sure and close the door to your office. You will recognize these respondents and you will laugh out loud.

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  1. Just post my thoughts on this point. Usually we use cashes as an effective incentives and respondents are happy to accept it. However, cash does not always workable as people usually think that they should be paid much more than you’ve provided. Instead, especially for high-end/luxury category study, customers usually do not care much about the cash incentive, rather than be valued by hoster (both agency and end client – if can be told who is the end client). As doing this, on the one thing, current owners feel that they are paid attention to and therefore will be much involoved to share their opinions and thoughts; on the other hand, for potential targets, they can feel the same feeling and also take a thorough view on the product/brand which might trigger them in the future. But the most important thing is that the qualitive reseacher should set up a proper atmosphere and let respondents feel comfortable and relax from the beginning of research to the end till you thanks them for attending the groups/in-depth/ethnography, and welcome them feedback even the project is finished.

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