Digital Ethnography

Digital Ethnography

Insights from Anywhere, Anytime
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Digital Ethnography

Our Mobile Ethnography and Over the Shoulder solutions give you an authentic look directly into the home and experiences of the consumer without interrupting their natural environment. It’s a flexible and convenient way to gather the in-the-moment insights and stories you need.

Easily interview participants or collect detailed responses, media and video from participants nationwide. Studies take place on your schedule and that of your participants – with no travel needed.

Conduct longitudinal studies with interviews and videos collected over weeks or months.

Enjoy fewer limitations to your research. Instead of test kitchens, watch as participants cook meals in their own home. View what their world really looks like with no additional logistics required.

Rest assured that you are taken care of with comprehensive project management, technical and logistical support to provide peace of mind.

Over the Shoulder

Smartphone Qualitative Made Easy

20|20 recently welcomed Over the Shoulder to our family. Over the Shoulder was designed and built to give qualitative researchers and insights-seekers unprecedented access to their target consumer’s daily lives, truths and reality.

Learn more about what you can do with Over the Shoulder.

Paired with 20|20’s other qualitative research products, our solutions for Digital Ethnography give you a deeper dive into in-the-moment insights.

Enhance Your Research with Digital Ethnography

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