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Four Keys to Mobile Qualitative Success

With the power of smartphones, it’s easy to be with your desired audience at the moments that matter to your research. What’s not as easy is designing effective mobile studies. As part of the MR Web series on Insights in the Mobile Age, we share four crucial tips for great mobile qualitative studies.  From making
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Getting People Talking

In the latest issue of QRCA Views, Robin Wedewer, President, The Wedewer Group, Inc. and VetMEDResearch, shares a roundup of tips and tricks for ensuring participant engagement in online research.  To compile these best practices, Wedewer spoke to 20|20’s own Jayme Dodd, Senior Research Manager, as well as representatives from other digital research solution providers.  
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Live Look: Lean Communities

In an overlooked demographic, Usability Resources and 20|20 saw an opportunity for success with a custom lean community. Over a cup of coffee early in 2019, 20|20 and Kay Corry Aubrey of Usability Resources came to the conclusion that, as far as consumer insights go, marketers and brand managers were overlooking a huge audience for
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Lean Qualitative Communities: High Performance Tools and The Team Dynamics that Drive Them

Across the industry, we’re witnessing a huge uptick in the usage of smaller, more tactical insights communities to help brands move faster when developing new products, launching marketing campaigns, or building brand platforms.  At 20|20, we refer to these smaller, iteratively built qualitative communities as lean communities.   Two main factors are driving the growth of
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Make Objectives Matter: The Importance of Setting an ROI Compass for Research

A 20|20 White Paper With the wide variety of cutting-edge technology, communication channels, and innovative methodologies more readily available than ever before, market research should be a breeze, right? Unfortunately however, this often proves to be overwhelming, causing business needs to get lost in the journey, leaving us with research and outcomes with only loose
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Let the Research Define the Method

Why challenge the approaches we trust, the ones that deliver what we think we need? It’s often easier to make the research fit into the tried-and-true  methods we know will work, but what happens when ease becomes a substitute for critical thinking, compromising the quality of insights and impact of research? The May issue of
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Today's Hybrid Research: Mix It Up

As the research landscape evolves, the way we think about combining approaches changes too. Take hybrid for example. No longer limited to a mix of quant and qual, the hybrid research of today simply means blending methodologies to uncover deeper context and gain agility in outcomes. Now more than ever hybrid has the power to
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