You Can Go Global With Technology: 6 Ideas To Take Around The World

You Can Go Global With Technology: 6 Ideas To Take Around The World

QRCA Views recently published an article written by 20|20’s CEO, Jim Bryson in their Summer 2015 issue.

“You Can Go Global With Technology: 6 ideas to take around the world” shows qualitative researchers just how easy it is to do research across the globe due to the technologies that interconnect us all.

The following is a brief excerpt:

For decades, market research on a global scale was the purview of the large global research agencies. These multi-national organizations bought or established offices in dozens of countries to serve multinational corporations. Far-flung offices provided access to local researchers and respondents and shipped the results to the central office to be compiled into a single, comprehensive global research report. Projects required time and resources and a small army of researchers scattered around the world to complete.

Those days are over. Communications and research technology have leveled the playing field. Qualitative Research Consultants Association 35 Fortunately, just as communications technology is helping us access researchers and respondents everywhere, research technology is allowing us to work faster and more efficiently than ever before. Global capabilities are now within the grasp of every qualitative researcher.

To read the full article, please download this PDF: QRCA VIEWS_Summer_YouCanGoGlobal_Bryson

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