The Great Quant/Qual Divide

The Great Quant/Qual Divide

Research World recently published an article written by 20|20’s CEO Jim Bryson. 

“The Great Quant/Qual Divide” discusses how integrative research is becoming the new normal in the industry.

The following is a brief excerpt:

Research has to learn to move at the speed of business. Qualitative and quantitative research specialties that are separated by literal and figurative walls slow the research process and degrade the quality of research. These walls must come down.

Fortunately, technology is beginning to help break down such barriers. Digital survey technology has been mainstream for many years. Digital qualitative technology recently reached a tipping point by making qualitative methods accessible to anyone with an internet connection, thus removing the mystery from the qualitative secret sauce. As digital qualitative methods continue to gain traction; and as text analytics and other analysis tools drive qualitative mainstream, I predict the divide between quantitative and qualitative will blur until it virtually disappears.
To read the full article, please download this PDF: The Great Qual:Quant Divide_RW 2014

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