CASE STUDY: Facial Coding

CASE STUDY: Facial Coding

Ad Testing’s Demonstrative Results: How facial expression technology pinpoints the best bicycle message for young girls

Brunner is a full-service independent advertising agency with offices in Pittsburgh and Atlanta. With the charge by the manufacturer to develop an advertising message that was not only compelling but also effective in convincing little girls that the bike would provide a wonderfully imaginative riding experience, Brunner developed two rough-cut commercials reflecting different creative/messaging directions.  Each video was identical but the voiceovers were different.  One centered around a child’s poem describing how the bike could help a girl bring to life her own fairytale; the other described the adventure she imagined having while on her bike.

But which direction would be the most effective with 4-6-year-olds?

To answer that question, Brunner conducted ad evaluation research using online interviews and chose 20|20 Research’s Facial Coding technology to help identify the message that could best take the product to market.

To read the full case study, please download this PDF: 2020_Facial Coding_Case Study


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