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Ready to Uncomplicate Your Research?

Woman with laptop on couch
Woman with laptop on couch

Ready to Uncomplicate Your Research?

What We Do

We believe our world is best when consumers have a voice. That’s why we’ve spent 30+ years finding ways to simplify connections between brands and consumers.

Along the way, we pioneered methods that are used worldwide to make qualitative research smarter, faster, and easier. In fact, we’ve serviced clients and brands in more than 95 countries across the globe with our unique combination of in-house expertise, services and tools.

What We Offer

Digital Qualitative
When it comes to digital qualitative, our QualBoard® and QualMeeting solutions put us on the map, setting the standard for rich capabilities and ease of use.

Full-Service Insights

Large or small. Complex or simple. Our unique approaches are ideally suited to address a variety of brand challenges and deliver the critical insights you need to drive growth.

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Research Facilities
Clients conducting in-person focus groups and other studies can choose from one of our three research facilities across the Southeast. We also supply qualified participants, support services, and access to technology.

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We’re a People-Driven Business

The people you’ll work with are knowledgeable specialists with extensive experience in the research industry. They’ve also got extensive experience in treating people like people.

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Companies from around the world want to hear your opinion. And they’ll pay you for it. Participants on our panel typically get $50 to $150 per study simply by sharing their honest feedback.

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At 20|20 Research, we’re always learning and forever curious.  Check out our blog to read our team’s take on the latest industry trends, technology, techniques, and other intriguing research discoveries.

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