We believe our world is best when consumers have a voice.

We know successful brands talk to their customers more, so we’ve spent 30+ years simplifying ways to connect brands and consumers.
Along the way, we pioneered methods that are used worldwide for smarter, faster qualitative research. In fact, we’ve helped clients and brands in more than 95 countries engage with their consumers through our unique combination of in-house expertise, services and tools.
Digital Fieldwork
When it comes to digital qualitative, the depth of your insights should have no limits. Our QualBoard®, QualMeeting™, and iModerate Chat solutions set the standard for rich capabilities and ease of use.
QualBoard Discussion Boards
QualMeeting Video Interviews
iModerate Chats
Full-Service Insights
Your consumers are changing faster than research, so we put together a suite of approaches to keep pace. Whatever your brand challenge, we can deliver the insights you need, when you need them, to help your business grow.
Focus Group Facilities
When it comes to in-person work, you need an honest read from the best respondents. Choose from one of our three facilities across the Southeast, each in a thriving, diverse and accessible market.

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Companies from around the world want to hear your opinion. And they’ll pay you for it. Participants on our panel typically get $50 to $150 per study simply by sharing their honest feedback.
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