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Clients desperate for research insights can wait days, weeks, and even months – simply to read research results about consumers in another country! Qualitative research has struggled to keep up with fast-paced, multi-language, multi-country online research projects. Until now…

Introducing: QualTranslate™

QualBoard®, the world’s most advanced qualitative discussion platform is now the world’s first real-time, fully integrated translation tool.

With QualTranslate™, global research teams can collaborate on multi-country studies without the lag of translation time. A moderator in China can load discussion questions, and his project coordinator in France can see a live, translated French version – all within the same discussion in QualBoard®. Imagine the possibilities...

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QualTranslate™ is a revolutionary addition to QualBoard® - allowing for real-time, fully integrated translation. Built directly into the QualBoard® research system, QualTranslate™ can translate 24 different languages and integrate them seamlessly in the discussion. The standard technology uses sophisticated language algorithms to produce translations in as little as 60 seconds.

Additionally, researchers can opt for QualTranslate™ Premium, which replaces these standard translations with human audited translations, capturing language and cultural nuances, in just a matter of hours. QualTranslate™ only utilizes the translation service of native speakers and automatically inserts these native speaker translations directly into the QualBoard® discussion giving viewers a fully translated view as the discussion evolves.


QualTranslate™: helping you do better (global) research

As part of the new QualBoard®Global™ bundled service (see below), QualTranslate™ offers the following benefits for multi-national, multi-language research teams:

  • Real-time, fully integrated translation within QualBoard® discussions
  • Availability of 24 languages for Standard Translation
  • Optional upgrade to Premium Translation (available in major world languages)
  • Immediate access to translated transcripts upon project completion
  • Ability to follow multi-national research as it happens
  • Collaborate with a truly global research team

With 20|20, we help you do better research. No matter where you are.

QualBoard®Global™: translation with outstanding service and support

QualBoard®Global™ is our newest solution for international, online, qualitative research projects. This bundled package of services and software (including the revolutionary QualTranslate™ technology) is designed specifically for global research projects. Included:

For more detailed explanation of the benefits of the QualBoard®Global™ package, please click here to visit the QualBoard®Global™ page.


Are you ready to go QualBoard®Global™ with your research?

Give us a call or send us an email at qualtranslate@2020research.com. We’d love to hear how QualTranslate™ can help you do better research.