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QualLink: Seamless Integration of Quant to Qual

For years, researchers have attempted to integrate their quantitative surveys with in-depth qualitative feedback to gain deeper insights. In essence, to uncover the stories behind the numbers. Now, with QualLink™, it’s possible and it’s easy.

Traditionally, however, the process of collecting qualitative “depth” during a survey has been clunky, time-consuming and required a great deal of manual work. Some technologies have tried to fill the void, but none accomplished the real goal… to quickly and easily transition a select group of participants from an online survey to a qualitative platform – until now. A direct QualLink™ from survey to QualBoard® achieves that goal.

QualLink™ is the first technology that allows the seamless integration of quant and qual through a rich online discussion by your survey participants. QualLink™ is our patent-pending system that enrolls selected survey participants in an online bulletin board discussion automatically, based on their survey answers. In addition, it allows you to integrate the data collected during the survey to directly impact your qualitative discussion. No more messy Excel spreadsheets, lost participant inertia, or manual processes… QualLink™ truly delivers on the promise of Hybrid Quant-to-Qual research.

Very on top of my project. Easy and a pleasure to work with.

Was easy and intuitive to use, love that we can easily pull transcripts.

Always seamless. Perfect across the board.


How it Works

QualLink’s groundbreaking technology integrates with your existing survey platform. You simply create logic to identify participants during your survey and QualLink™ begins pushing selected participants directly into a moderated QualBoard® discussion.

5 Easy Steps to Full Quant-to-Qual Integration

  • I. Create your survey in the platform of your choice; QualLink™ works with virtually all survey software.
  • II. Decide “who” you want to invite into QualBoard™, based on the logic and patterns in your design. Determine characteristics of survey participants to be invited to the QualBoard™ discussion.
  • III. Connect your survey to QualBoard™ with QualLink™.
  • IV. Launch your survey.
  • V. Start moderating your online discussion.

It’s really that easy!