QualBoard: WebcamResponse
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QualBoard® with webcams is the most complete qualitative software platform available anywhere. By integrating webcam technology, researchers can gather all the richness of a participant’s response- body language, tone of voice, and emotion- with the convenience of an online bulletin board discussion.

20|20 was attentive, responsive and a pleasure to work with.

Was easy and intuitive to use, love that we can easily pull transcripts.

Always seamless. Perfect across the board.


This innovative platform also includes EasyClip™, our easy-to-use video editor that allows researchers to quickly find and keep the key webcam moments they need. With EasyClip™ users can create their own video montages and download them to a computer desktop or drop it into a report or PowerPoint™ presentation. Powerful and insightful, QualBoard® with webcams really helps researchers capture the whole story.