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Recent Enhancements to QualBoard®

QualTranslate™ Available in 24 languages – QualTranslate™ provides seamless translated that are integrated right into your QualBoard® discussion. Now, global research teams can collaborate on multi-country studies without the lag of translation time. A moderator in China can load discussion questions, and his project coordinator in France can see a live, translated French version – all within the same discussion in QualBoard®.

With QualTranslate™ Premium, you need not loose the human translation you so trust. As an optional add-on, QualTranslate™ Premium adds human translation – inserted seamlessly into QualBoard® – in just hours!

QualBoard®Global™ A bundled package of software and services designed specifically for global research projects. Included: QualTranslate™, 3-Day Standard QualBoard®, and the QualBoard®+Plus™ Management service.

QualBoard®+Plus™ A dedicated project assistant provides you with a complete set of helping-hands services. So you can focus on the moderating, analysis, and client interactions.

QualLaborate™ Easily the best image evaluation platform in the world today. Respondents evaluate advertising, concepts, copy, graphic elements, web pages, etc. The break-through user interface and the reporting systems generate insights that are becoming the industry standard.

LifeNotes™ Mobile journaling that allows respondents to easily upload pictures, video and comments anytime, anywhere. LifeNotes™ also includes geo-targeting and voice dictation. Journaling has never been easier or more personal. Participants can also upload journals through online access

QualBoard®Mobile™ Full smartphone access to QualBoard® discussions for iPhone and Android users. Participants can now answer moderator questions, upload video and pictures, post LifeNotes™ journals – all on the go. Moderators are able to walk alongside participants and get a more accurate look at their daily lives.

Cross-Tab Report This newest transcript export in QualBoard® allows you to see a succinct transcript of your QualBoard® project. Each section is listed in a new tab of the report. Easily sort and compare participant answers in just a matter of minutes.

QualLink™ Seamlessly integrates QualBoard® with your survey software so you can do in-depth follow-up of your quantitative studies. It is perfect for understanding the “why” behind the “what.”