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QualBoard: The world's most advanced online research platform

QualBoard® takes advantage of threaded ‘Bulletin Board’ technology. QualBoard® participants log in at times and from locations that are convenient to them, answering questions posted by a moderator while reading and responding to the other participants’ comments. All of the discussion is visible onscreen to the client observers in a “virtual backroom”.

A QualBoard® typically takes place over a 3-7 day period – with respondents participating 2-3 times each day. Because of the longer timeframe and the come-and-go nature of the discussion, most QualBoard® discussions have 10-30 participants, rather than 8-10 common in in-person or real-time online groups.

As a researcher, you have unprecedented capabilities to understand your market. In addition to standard questions, you can also ask:

  • Multi-media questions to get responses with pictures or video
  • Webcam response questions to get one-click recording from the participant’s webcam
  • Built-in multiple-choice and multiple answer questions
  • Segmented questions that only go to a sub-group of respondents

Also, QualBoard® is not just a bulletin board platform, it is a fully integrated qualitative research system. In addition to the most innovative capabilities in the world, QualBoard® is fully integrated with:


When it is time to do your analysis, QualBoard® makes it easier than ever. The segment report lets you compare segments at the push of a button. Content tags, profile tags and searchable transcript dramatically reduce analysis time and improve insights.

Please contact us at the numbers above or go to Webinars and Learning for a wealth of information about QualBoard® and other online qualitative research tools and techniques. Please let us know how we can help you do better research.

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